Black Lash Ink use only the finest quality products for sustaining healthy beautiful lashes.



  • You can get the long, thick, perfectly curled lashes that you’ve always dreamed of
  • Makes your eyes look more lifted, defined and bigger
  • Looks and feels natural
  • Spend less time applying makeup
  • No need for mascara that can smudge or look clumpy
  • Sleep, shower, swim, and exercise as usual
  • Relaxing, pain free procedure
  • Perfect for special occasions (wedding/bridal, races, parties) or for everyday wear


Black Lash Ink specialises in the application of eyelash extensions. As lashes are our sole focus, we have the experience and expertise that sets us apart from others.

  • Our lead stylist, Cherry has been applying eyelash extensions since 2016 and is a professionally qualified artist in both Korea and Australia.
  • We specialise in eyelash extensions that look and feel natural – applying fewer, thicker lashes will get the impact you want quicker, but at the same time can cause damage to your natural lashes. At Black Lash Ink, we take more time to apply a greater number of finer, lighter extensions that are stress free to your natural lashes
  • We strive for damage and clump free eyelash extensions that can be applied indefinitely with refills
  • Our commitment to safety and hygiene - the health of your eyes and natural lashes will always be our primary focus
  • We only use the latest and finest products sourced from around the world
  • Black Lash Ink is a fully registered business
  • Our services are offered at a competitive price from a convenient location on the Gold Coast

If you've ever had clumpy stiff eyelash extensions, noticed dramatic lash loss, or had a painful experience getting lashes applied, you have gone to the wrong place. We hope that you will give Black Lash Ink the opportunity to experience quality lash extensions, and for you to understand the difference of what correctly applied volume eyelash extensions should really look and feel like.


She is a full time mom, wife and writer for her mamaheart blogs. With beauty and makeup being the last thing on her busy mind, Black Lash Ink enables her to continue to look and feel beautiful everyday. Let her story inspire other busy hard working everyday women.


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