The Pros ans Cons of Lash Extensions

Elevator Pitch

There is no doubt that lash extensions have taken the industry by storm. For a while no one wore false lashes then ROAR! they were back in black. Lash extensions are extremely popular among celebrities because they offer that glamorous, dynamic look without too much effort. With the three main types of lash components (synthetic, silk, mink), there are also different techniques to apply these lashes including classic and volume.

Lash extensions should be maintained every 2-4 weeks. The regular growth cycle of lashes varies by individual from 3-6 weeks as your normal cycle of growth is initiated then your lash extensions will have to be reapplied. To keep the lashes looking full it is best to have infill work done every 2-4 weeks.

Important note: You should NOT use mascara with extensions especially not waterproof mascara which can be difficult to remove and cause the extensions to fall off with your natural lashes. The glue that is used is sensitive and the weight of the mascara can cause it to lose its adherence. If you must you can use mascara on the tips of the extensions only to add length.

The Pros

1. There is no doubt that permanent makeup and in particular lash extensions saves time on makeup application every morning for busy people. It is the perfect solution to every busy individual that does not have time to sit in front of the mirror every morning attaching fake lashes and/or mascara. Not to mention the time it takes to then remove it all at the end of the day.

2. Lash extensions are semi-permanent which prevents the risk of having to remove false lashes every day and having to reapply them on a daily basis. The on and off of the false lashes is far more detrimental to your natural lashes opposed to professional application of the lash extensions with minimal upkeep. It is the healthier more natural way to get the look you want!

3. The options are many and affordable for most people. The materials are safe to use on your eyes including the glue and we proud ourselves in using industry leading products. Lash extensions are a great way to get that glamorous look without having to rely on mascara or cheap stick on lashes.

4. These types of extensions can be used to lengthen your natural lashes or thicken your natural lashes. You can choose the look that you want from dramatic to subtle depending on dynamic elements like thickness, length, color and curl of your lash extensions of choice.

The Cons

1. The cons primarily stem from the inability of the person to apply lash extensions appropriately. The ultimate mistake lies in visiting the wrong lash extension technician who may incorrectly apply lashes, instigate damage to your natural lashes and in turn cause them to fall out.

2. Often the problem lies in the ability of the technician. It is imperative when lash extensions are used that they are applied to each individual lash and that they are not applied in clusters! Its undeniable that the proficiency of the technician plays a primary role.

3. In the past people have had reaction to the glue that is used as it has been applied too close to the skin, again completely controllable by the lash technician. If you notice any discomfort during the process be sure that you speak up because there should be no discomfort at all. If you notice any skin irritation voice yourself and let the technician know that you are experiencing a burning situation, the glue may have to be changed out.

To Recap What’s Been Said

Again the most important part of is to use a credible source for the application. The majority of the complaints and problems stem from exploiting an inexperienced technician that mishandles the lashes. Many people are starting to realise the benefits of lash extensions instead of having to deal with mascara and cheap stick-on lashes. It’s a sustainable solution for anyone that wants to experience natural looking and feeling lashes that last.


Cherry Shin